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Nerden : İstanbul
Saturdays kızın : Vanessa
Burç : oğlak
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Republic of Turkey, Northern Hemisphere, Europe and Asia in the intersection of a country.A large part of the territory of the Anatolian peninsula, the rest of the Balkan Peninsula, the extension is located in Thrace.Country's three sides Mediterranean, Black Sea and the Strait that connects the two seas and the Sea of Marmara and the Aegean Sea and is surrounded by. Neighbors Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Iraq and Syria is.

Turkey (official name of Republic of Turkey) Southwest
... All to read a small portion of the link tıklayınız.Asya the world's largest continent. East of Europe, the Pacific Ocean to the west of Oceania and the Arctic Ocean in the north of the southern continent. In the east Pacific Ocean, north of the Arctic Ocean in the south Indian Ocean in the west, is surrounded by the continent of Europe. Its border with the European continent has not been definitively identified. In the past Don River, the boundary between Asia and Europe was considered. Ural Mountains and then began to be accepted as the border.
... To read all the countries on the continent tıklayınız.Avrupa link. Known as the capital of the Eurasian continent, west of the large peninsula with the old world Europe, the Sami languages Erep (or IRIB), the side of the sun means the West. Phoenicians to the Greeks of the last of this name, according to the Greek Aegean Sea in the west and Europa became the country were given this name.

Ankara is the country's largest city is Istanbul, according to 2005 estimates the total population of 73,193,000 (17. at the time) is a person. Turkey's total surface area of 780.574 (36th order) is square kilometers. Country's GSMH'sı 612.3 billion (2006 est.) capability. The world's largest turkey this economic size 17 is the economy. USD 8.385 per capita income (75 at the time).


management style

Form of government is the Republic of Turkey. Republic of Turkey was founded in 1923 by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The official language is Turkish.

Turkey is a candidate for European Union membership.

Management style as the Republic of Turkey Republic, was established in 1923 under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal. The official language is Turkish. Democratic, secular, social state of law is the understanding of management. Separation of powers is essential. Grand National Assembly of Turkey legislative affairs, government affairs executive, the judiciary is independent courts do their jobs. With the declaration of republic in Turkey in 1923 president, received the title of president. The head of state is the president and commander in chief. In this capacity, the Republic of Turkey, and represents the unity of the Turkish nation. The implementation of the Constitution, the state body shall ensure the regular and harmonious functioning.

Turkey Grand National Assembly (Parliament) (Enterprise: April 23, 1920). Republic of Turkey is the legislative body. Elections by the people every 4 years, with a designated deputies, under the roof of Parliament to fulfill the legislative task determines the law. Of 550 deputies are elected to parliament.

Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey which is the executive head, will chair the Council of Ministers, the government manages and acts. Republic of Turkey in a general election every 4 years by the Assembly constituted by the Prime Minister, is elected for a period of 4 years.

Republican People's Party (CHP), 9 September 1923, which was founded by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Turkey's is the first political party. Follow a line in the center while the time of Atatürk, with the transition to multiparty system has shifted to the left of center. In 1927, the "republican", "Populism", "nationalism", and "secular" principles of regulation library. In 1935 the convention the previous four principles "Statism" and ' "reformism" principle also be added to the six principles were removed and the party called "Republican People's Party" was.

Born Turkey

Republic of Turkey by Ataturk and comrades, with the winner of the Independence War, 1st World War II and won the battle out of defeat shared by the state of the Ottoman Empire in Anatolia and Thrace is founded on the land. İstiklal Harbi, Misak-ı Milli borders to protect the integrity of the country, based on national sovereignty, a new Turkish government to establish a fully independent nation for all the input, it is a war fronts.

Independence War against the enemy who put the country's resistance forces, organizations and the national forces, the Liberation War of the late Ottoman army and volunteer militia, consisting of Kuvayı Nationalists.

National Kuvayı of the country around the Greek, British, French, Italian troops were captured by, Armistice Armistice country with severe conditions were imposed, the Ottoman army's weapons were purchased and distributed, everything I thought was the end of the day in the nation's response as a Falcon is a popular resistance.

Mustafa Kemal came to Amasya Basin from June 12, 1919, the report released here with Pasha fall into the situation of the country is clearly identified, through the merger of all the power of the solution was stressed. In Amasya, Mustafa Kemal in Anatolia and Rumeli Defense of Rights Association was founded expand merge, Congress made a final decision based on the entire nation with the aim of establishing a new management team has prepared the Amasya Tamimi.

The new Turkish State based on national sovereignty, this circular in the way of the establishment is the first step. Nation and fight against organized methods become apparent. National Sovereignty and national independence, the idea was first raised.

July 8 to Istanbul and from duty reported military leave, the Ottoman Government for the termination of relations with all the next day Mustafa Kemal Erzurum Defense of Rights Association was elected president of the Branch. Under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal convened July 23, 1919, the decision taken at the Erzurum Congress;

National borders within the country is a whole, can not be divided

Creating a national resistance and the second major step 4 to 11 September 1919 at the Sivas Congress Mustafa Kemal Anadolu and Rumeli Defense of Rights Association elected as chairman of the National Liberation War of the authorities has become a leader.

27 December 1919 Mustafa Kemal came to Ankara Ankara was chosen as the center of the resistance movement in Anatolia.

Three days after the occupation of Istanbul, Ataturk's famous statement issued dated March 19, 1920, the extraordinary powers of the parliament in Ankara will be a move by declaring the establishment of the foundation of the Republic of Turkey in Ankara, is disposed to provide.

The second in a statement released April 21 by Ataturk, the Assembly would meet on April 23 and the opening ceremony of how to announce.

Parliament, 24 April 1920 at its second meeting, Mustafa Kemal (Atatürk), was elected to the presidency. Mustafa Kemal, founded under the leadership of its president elected President of the Parliament on the day that continued until October 29, 1923.

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